Recall Notice: ALL Federal Depository Libraries Must Complete Withdrawal Form

Numerous volumes of historic military registers have been identified as containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The U.S. Department of Defense notified the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) that these volumes should no longer be in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). Please remove the specified volumes from your depository collections immediately and destroy them. The Superintendent of Documents issued an official notification letter about this requirement for all Federal depository libraries on July 6, 2017.

All withdrawal and destruction activities were to be completed by August 25, 2017.

Every Federal depository library must complete a Withdrawal Action Form in order to comply with this recall. The form asks all FDLP libraries to indicate one of the following for each title in question:

  1. I have properly withdrawn and destroyed all or as many of the volume(s) as were found in my library’s collection.
  2. N/A – I do not have any of the volumes in my library’s collection.

The deadline to respond is August 25, 2017.

Title/Volumes to be withdrawn:

Title: Official Army National Guard Register

SuDoc Class: D 12.9:
Item Number: 0358-A
CGP System Number: 000324442
OCLC Number: 02564195
Recalled Volumes:

Volume SuDoc Cover Page Date
1969 D 12.9:969 1 January 1969
1970 D 12.9:970 1 January 1970
1971 D 12.9:971 1 January 1971
1972 D 12.9:972 1 January 1972
1973 D 12.9:973 1 January 1973
1974 D 12.9:974 1 January 1974
1975 D 12.9:975 1 January 1975
1976 D 12.9:976 1 January 1976

Title: U.S. Army Register 

SuDoc Class: D 102.9:
Item Number: 
CGP System Number: 
OCLC Number: 
Recalled Volumes:

Volume SuDoc Cover Page Date
1970 vol. 1 D 102.9:970/v.1 1 January 1970
1970 vol. 2 D 102.9:970/v.2 1 January 1970
1970 vol. 3 D 102.9:970/v.3 1 January 1970
1972 vol. 1 D 102.9:972/v.1 1 January 1972
1972 vol. 2 D 102.9:972/v.2 1 January 1972
1972 vol. 3 D 102.9:973/v.3 1 January 1972
1974 vol. 1 D 102.9:974/v.1 1 January 1974
1976 vol. 1 D 102.9:976/v.1 1 January 1976

Title: Air Force Register 

SuDoc Class: D 303.7:
Item Number: 0426
CGP System Number: 000239903
OCLC Number: 9289645
Recalled Volumes:

Volume SuDoc Cover Page Date
1970 vol. 1 D 303.7:970/v.1 1 January 1970
1970 vol. 2 D 303.7:970/v.2 1 January 1970
1971 vol. 1 D 303.7:971/v.1 1 January 1971
1971 vol. 2 D 303.7:971/v.2 1 January 1971
1972 vol. 1 D 303.7:972/v.1 1 January 1972
1972 vol. 2 D 303.7:972/v.2 1 January 1972

Please note: Volumes may be shelved under SuDoc numbers for predecessor agencies. The U.S. Department of the Navy previously recalled agency historic registers; if you come across any of these volumes during this review, please destroy them.

All FDLP libraries will receive a printed copy of the Superintendent of Documents’ official notification letter by mail.

Additional information about recall procedures for Federal depository materials, destruction instructions, and a list of active and archived recall notices, can be found in the FDLP Guidance article, “Recall of Depository Material."

For questions, please use our askGPO service. Under the “ask a question” tab, choose “Federal Depository Libraries” as your category and “Withdrawal/Recall” as your subcategory. 

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