Public Libraries Final Report Now Available

‘To Better Serve and Support Public Libraries: GPO’s Analysis and Findings on Public Libraries Leaving the Federal Depository Library Program Between 2007-2015 (Final Report),’ is now available on FDLP.gov.

This report was composed in response to Depository Library Council Recommendation #2 (spring 2015), which was presented to GPO after an increasing number of public libraries relinquished Federal depository library status.

The draft report was presented at the 2016 Depository Library Council Meeting & Federal Depository Library Conference. Feedback obtained during the session, as well as feedback that was sent to GPO via email through the end of November 2016, was incorporated into the final report. The staff at GPO thanks the Depository Library Council for starting this important conversation and the FDLP community for contributing to this effort.

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