Ensure Your Promotional Items are Up-to-Date: New Inventory Available

Over the years, the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has offered a wide variety of free FDLP promotional materials to Federal depository libraries. To help ensure the promotional materials being shared with library patrons are up-to-date, a new resource is now available on fdlp.gov that presents an inventory of obsolete promotional materials that should be discarded and replaced.

Promotional materials become obsolete due to factors such as:

  • Changes in products and services (GPO Access > FDsys > govinfo).
  • URL and interface changes.
  • GPO’s name change (Printing Office > Publishing Office).
  • Contact information.

Please compare your current promotional offerings with this inventory, discard obsolete items, and order current free items from our ordering page. Remember, you must be logged in for access to these materials.

Thank you for your support in increasing public awareness of the FDLP.

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