Updated List of Classes Available for Download

The List of Classes, June 2014
SuDocClass: GP 3.24:2014
Item 0556-C-07

The List of Classes is now available as a download in PDF. This incorporates all data changes through June 14, 2014. This edition will be printed and distributed on an upcoming shipping list. The List of Classes is extremely helpful when updating your library's item selection profile with adds or drops for your Federal depository collection.

Libraries are also reminded that through the use of DSIMS, adds and drops may be made at any time of the year. Libraries have until September 30 to add item numbers for tangible products to their selection profiles and still have them become effective on October 1. Any adds for tangible items to a selection profile made on or after that cut-off date will become effective October 1 of the next year. Newly added item numbers with only an online format associated with them, as well as dropped item numbers, will become effective immediately.

If you have questions about amending your library's item selection profile, please use askGPO. Select the category "Federal Depository Libraries."


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