LSCM Decision Making on Items for "All Libraries"

Recently, there have been some policy questions in regards to how the decision is made at GPO regarding selection of a publication to be distributed to all libraries under Item Number 0556-C or 1004-E. Any decision regarding what format a document is to be distributed to the program in is made following the guidelines of Superintendent of Documents Policy 301, "Dissemination/Distribution Policy for the Federal Depository Library Program."

Additionally, when a decision is made regarding format deciding whether a publication will go to all libraries, subjective factors come into play including the intended audience of the publication, national relevancy of the subject matter, physical format, and requested distribution scope of the authoring agency. Availability of a title in GPO's Sales Program has no bearing on whether a title will be distributed to all libraries. In fact, many titles sent to all libraries are also sold by GPO.

Some examples of recent titles that were selected for all libraries based on the above factors include:

  • The Iraq Study Group Report; Class Y 3.P 31:2 IR 1/3 ; Item 1004-E; Shipping List 2007-0087-P
  • Women In Congress, 1917 - 2006; Class Y 1.1/7:108-223 ; Item 1004-E; Shipping List 2007-0014-S
  • A Botanic Garden for the Nation: the United States Botanic Garden; Class Y 1.1/2:SERIAL 15000 ; Item 1004-E; Shipping List 2007-0018-S
  • National Infrastructure Protection Plan; Class HS 1.2:IN 3 ; Item 0556-C; Shipping List 2006-0274-P

Libraries have specifically questioned why the title "Pentagon, 9/11" (Class D 1.2:P 38/3 , Item 0306, Shipping List 2007-0400-P) was not distributed to all libraries as an Item Number 1004-E or 0556-C. The print order for this title, as is the case with many titles that are processed by Library Services and Content Management, was sent to GPO with extremely limited information about the publication's contents. LSCM evaluated the publication with the information presented and decided that it should be distributed in tangible format under Item Number 0306.

Any further questions regarding the policies, processes, and procedures employed in the selection of titles for the program may be directed to Jeff Horbinski, Manager of Content Acquisitions, at 202-512-1139 or <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

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