Important Changes to Depository Item Selection Tools

The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) has been working to implement a replacement system to the Depository Distribution Information System (DDIS), a legacy mainframe system used to manage depository item numbers, Superintendent of Documents class stems, and depository library item selections. The replacement system is being implemented this month.

Due to the implementation of the new system, libraries will no longer be able to use the “Amendment to Item Selections” web form at <http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/fdlp/tools/amendment.html> to drop item numbers after 11:59pm February 7, 2012. A new item selection management tool is expected to go live and be available for library use on February 27, 2012. During this three week transition period, libraries’ item selections will remain unchanged. Additional information about this project and the “Amendment to Item Selection” replacement tool will be available in the coming days on the FDLP Desktop.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to improve services to FDLP libraries.

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