GPO Access PURL Modifications Complete

In January 2011, 42,163 PURLs were modified to change the target URLs to point from GPO Access to the FDsys equivalent; however, discrepancies were discovered in PURLs that originally pointed to http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/*. Consequently, in May 2011, the 41,952 PURLs that pointed to frwebgate resources were reverted back to their original targets while the situation was investigated.

That investigation is now complete and the 41,952 PURLs have been re-modified to point to the FDsys equivalent.

There are PURLs that link to single issues of serials. These PURLs will be modified in the future to point to the respective serial title’s browse page in order to provide access to the entire run. At present, however, the focus is on moving from GPO Access targets to FDsys equivalents. MARC records will be modified (e.g., 53x and 856 fields) as necessary as time permits.

We apologize for the delay and appreciate the community’s assistance in identifying the issue.

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