Library Reports for Depository User Survey Available

The individual library reports conveying the results of the depository library user survey are now available for downloading. The survey was conducted from October 18, 2010 through March 4, 2011 and responses were received for about 45% of the Federal depository libraries.

The reports contain charts that compare the library’s results with the aggregated results for its state or territory, library sector, and for all libraries. Any comments made by users also will be included. Though not all depository libraries had users who participated in the survey, all libraries have a report available to them. If your library had no respondents, the report conveys aggregated results for your state or territory and for all libraries.

All Federal depository libraries can benefit from the results:

  • FDLP libraries that participated in the user survey can benefit from comparing their individual results against the overall survey results (which represent a benchmark of performance nationally), in order to assess what actions they might wish to take locally.
  • FDLP libraries that did not have users respond to the survey can benefit as well by knowing what the benchmarks are and how they compare to respondents as a whole.
  • All FDLP libraries can benefit by adopting the survey instrument as a template (modifiable according to particular circumstances or developments) for a continuing process of assessment of the performance and effectiveness of their individual libraries as measured against user outcomes and impacts.

To obtain your report, point your browser to iCharts. Use your depository library number (include leading zeros, e.g., 0001) as the username. The password to use is your GPO-issued internal password. Once you are logged in you will know right away whether your library had users submit surveys. If your library’s name appears as a link, you had users respond to the survey. If your state/territory appears as a link, you did not have users respond. To download your report, pop-up blockers must be turned off. Reports will be available for downloading until December 31, 2011. After this time you may contact GPO to get a copy of your report.

The survey instrument is available in the askGPO Knowledge Base. The questionnaire is also Appendix B of the final report for the Federal depository library user survey, " pdf FDLP Users Speak: The Value and Performance of Libraries Participating in the Federal Depository Library Program (673 KB) ," which was released August 24, 2011.

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