Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL)

The Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) is a database containing non-classified Presidential directives, policy, and national strategy documents as well as specialized resources related to homeland security.

Additional information about this service is contained in a presentation, " pdf Terrorism and Security: What Information is Out There? (4.53 MB) " by Greta Marlatt at the Fall 2007 Federal Depository Library Conference.

Library Access Methods

In partnership with the Federal Depository Library Program, Federal depository libraries have access to HSDL. Depository libraries must register for access to this service.

Two types of access are available. Access is based on library type:

IP Authentication
Available to academic and Federal agency libraries. Access is permitted from all publicly accessible computers. Once validated, HSDL staff will contact your depository to acquire your institution's IP addresses.
Username and Password
Available to all other depository library types. Once validated, HSDL staff will provide individual usernames and passwords for reference librarians.

Terms of Service

By signing up for access to HSDL, your depository library acknowledges that it:

  • Must not release the username and/or password to organizations or individuals other than authorized library personnel.
  • Must not allow organizations or individuals outside of your library to connect via your library’s computer network.

Violators of the service agreement risk loss of access to HSDL.

How to Request Access

To request access to HSDL sign in to askGPO and fill out the form.


For inquiries regarding:

  • Technical questions, (website or sign-in) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • General questions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Lost passwords, use the lost password page.
  • Obtaining depository access to HSDL, login to askGPO.

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On October 22, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Highway Beautification Act, which attempted to limit billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising, as well as junkyards and other unsightly roadside messes, along America’s interstate highways. The act also encouraged “scenic enhancement” by funding local efforts to clean up and landscape the green spaces on either side of the roadways. Check out these resources from the CGP:


On October 27, 1858, future President Theodore Roosevelt is born in New York City. He served in the New York state legislature from 1881 to 1884, as U.S. Civil Service commissioner from 1885 to 1889 in Washington, D.C., and then as New York City’s police commissioner from 1895 to 1897. President William McKinley chose Roosevelt as assistant secretary of the Navy later that year. The Republican Party nominated him to be William McKinley’s vice-presidential running mate in 1900. Roosevelt began the first of his two terms in the White House after President McKinley was shot by an assassin in 1901. Check out these resources from the CGP:


Introducing the U.S. Congressional Serial Set collection on govinfo! The initial release includes select volumes from the 69th Congress, the 82nd Congress, and several 19th century Congresses.


Jane Sanchez previously served GPO as its Director of Library Services and Content Management. Prior to her passing in early 2021, she worked as the Law Librarian of Congress and spearheaded the effort to digitize the Congressional Serial Set. The staff at GPO is grateful to Jane for her many contributions to the FDLP.

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GPO names the Government Publications Library at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities as the 2021 Federal Depository Library of the Year. Learn more.


Chris Brown, Professor and Reference Librarian, has been serving as Coordinator for Government Documents at the University of Denver since 1998. He served on Depository Library Council from 2012-2015, with his primary goal being to get vendors with library discovery tools to feature Government information more prominently. He recently published Mastering United States Government Information: Sources and Services (Libraries Unlimited, 2020).

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