GPO Developing FDLP eXchange to Assist Libraries with Discard Processes

In September 2015, the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) contracted with Confluence, Corp. to develop an application that would replace and expand the existing national Needs & Offers hosted on FDLP.gov. When completed, FDLP eXchange will allow users to manage their entire needs and offers process though this one application.

The goal to develop a one-stop-shop for the disposition of depository materials, from beginning to end, soon will be achieved. FDLP eXchange automates disposition processing by allowing depository libraries to enter information on materials they want to discard and to have offers move through the process via an automated workflow. The application will also allow depository libraries to enter information on materials needed for their collections or digitization efforts.

The user-friendly design will include an easy-to-use interface as well as many convenient features. This will include options to manually enter records or upload lists from a library’s catalog, and the entire site will be mobile ready. The automated workflow will move offers through the process of offering materials first to the library’s regional depository, then to other selectives in the same region, then to libraries across the country. A matching function will match one library’s offers with other libraries’ needs and provide notification to both libraries when there is a match. The in-site communication tool will allow libraries to communicate within the application through an interface that allows colleagues to collaborate on requests placed with other libraries.

On April 28, 2016, Confluence’s Deborah Ben-Moshe and GPO’s Lisa Russell presented a mockup of FDLP eXchange during a session of the 2016 Depository Library Council Virtual Meeting. Participants had the opportunity to view and comment on the proposed application.

The project team is currently wrapping up the initial development. This summer, GPO will conduct internal testing to be followed by a beta test with a group of testers from the depository community.

For updates on the application development, visit the FDLP eXchange project page.  

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