Welcoming You to the DLC Meeting and FDL Conference

We, at the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), are getting very excited about the upcoming 2014 Depository Library Council Meeting and Federal Depository Library Conference (Meeting & Conference), especially after last October’s planned event was cancelled as a result of the Government shutdown. We are very happy that we were able to reschedule the event, to be hosted at GPO, so soon.

The conference theme, “Federal Depository Libraries: Connecting Communities,” reflects our delight in reconnecting with you in person since the last Meeting & Conference. It also reflects the strength of connections through the library partnership that is the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). And, of course, it reflects our ultimate mission - to connect library patrons with U.S. Government information resources. The Meeting & Conference, the largest gathering of Federal depository library staff in the country, will offer many programs and networking opportunities to support and strengthen all of these important connections.

Over 350 have already registered to attend onsite, and we know that many of you are unable to attend in person, so we are also offering several opportunities for live virtual participation. These programs and selected Federal agency programs will be recorded and available in the Webinar archive after the conference too. You will also have access to the same extensive Conference Proceedings that you are familiar with as well. Stay tuned to FDLP News and Events for messages regarding the availability of 2014 conference content in the Webinar archives and in the conference proceedings section of the FDLP.gov File Repository.

To give you some teasers of the events planned, Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks and Superintendent of Documents Mary Alice Baish will welcome you in a kickoff program on the first day of the event. Also during this program, four outstanding Federal depository libraries will be honored with the Library of the Year awards for 2013 and 2014. Come learn what interesting and innovative activities they are performing to enhance connections to U.S. Government resources in their communities.

Onsite, you’ll have the choice of four concurrent programs, featuring presentations by the Depository Library Council (DLC), depository library community members, agency representatives, and GPO staff. We suspect that you will find it challenging to choose between the many outstanding programs planned on a wide variety of topics. (For that reason, please keep in mind that programs will be available in the conference proceedings so you may see the presentations for any programs you may end up missing.) We hope you will also take advantage of tours of GPO’s current printing and library operations and also meet our staff members who are involved in ensuring that your libraries receive authoritative depository publications and their corresponding cataloging records.

GPO is located only a few blocks from Capitol Hill and the National Mall in the District of Columbia. The agency has occupied the same location on the corner of North Capitol Street NW and H Street NW for its entire history of producing America’s most historic documents. While here, please keep in mind that many U.S. Government publications in your libraries were printed and distributed from this building. We encourage you to take advantage of the location, soaking in the history of Government publishing while browsing the extensive GPO History Exhibit and historic photographs on display throughout the building. Know that Harding Hall, our largest meeting room, has been used for so many other important GPO events. Last August, for example, it was the site where Davita Vance-Cooks took the oath of office as the 27th Public Printer of the United States. Also while at GPO, we encourage you to visit the U.S. Government Bookstore to see the most popular publications currently available for purchase. (Meeting & Conference attendees: You’ll receive a 50% discount on your entire purchase!) During lunchtime or after Meeting & Conference programs end for the day, take a short walk up to see the Capitol Building. Think about how the work of Congress makes its way to GPO, where it is prepared for dissemination to your libraries and on GPO’s Federal Digital System.

While you enter the GPO building on the first morning of the conference, please take the time to view the plaque in our main lobby, inscribed with the words of Beatrice L. Warde, American scholar, writer, and typographer:

Crossroads of civilization.

Refuge of all the arts against the ravages of time.

Armory of fearless truth against whispering rumor.

Incessant trumpet of trade.

From this place words may fly abroad,

Not to perish on waves of sound,

Not to vary with the writer’s hand

But fixed in time,

Having been verified by proof.

Friend, you stand on sacred ground,

This is a Printing Office.

We hope these words inspire you as much as they do us, since you are our partners in so many ways—Keeping America informed through the FDLP.

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