Title Date of Webinar
Stay Mentally Alert: Government Resources For Good Mental Health July 30, 2019
Measles, Immunizations and Finding Accurate Health Information with MedlinePlus July 09, 2019
Grow Old in Style: Use Government Resources To Add Style, Grace, and Age Well March 21, 2019
Hepatitis C in Indian Country and Associated Indian Health Service Efforts March 19, 2019
Train (Maybe) for the Olympics: Using Government Resources to Learn About Appropriate Exercise January 24, 2019
Managing Someone Else’s Money December 06, 2018
Stay Up-To-Date with Nutrition: The National Agricultural Library and Its Online Nutrition Resources November 27, 2018
A Good Night’s Rest: Government Resources Can Teach You About Adequate Sleep Habits November 14, 2018
Rural America: Federal and Non-Profit Resources on Economic Development, Health, and Housing October 30, 2018
Nutrition 101: Eat And Drink Your Way Through Government Resources on Good Nutrition September 19, 2018
In Sickness and In Health: U.S. Government resources can protect your health and help when you're sick August 15, 2018
Using PubMed, MedlinePlus, and other National Library of Medicine Resources June 26, 2018
Introduction to CDC Wonder and CDC Learning Connection/CDC Train May 15, 2018
Introduction to Data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) January 25, 2018
National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Information Resources November 14, 2017
Introduction to the U.S. Indian Health Service Website October 26, 2017
Alzheimer’s and other Dementias: Through the Maze August 16, 2017
NLM’s Online Playground: K-12 Science and Health Education Resources August 02, 2017
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Part 2 June 27, 2017
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Data Tools, Part One May 17, 2017