Folder Outreach

Includes events, online learning, partnerships, and promotional resources to promote the free use of Federal Government information products. Also includes educational and Public Access Assessment resources relating to depository management activities.


Folder Depository Promotion

Any activity that increases the visibility of the depository, its resources and its services is encouraged. Depository promotion needs to extend to all potential user groups. This includes library staff, primary clientele, and citizens of the U.S. Congressional district or relevant region. Public service begins with public awareness.

Folder Explore the Value of and Your Options in the FDLP

Documents related to the Value of and Your Options in the FDLP

Folder Events

Contains agendas, proceedings, podcasts, and other files related to FDLP-sponsored events.

Folder FDLP Partnerships

Files related to FDLP service and content partnerships.

Folder Public Access Assessments

A Public Access Assessment is a review of an individual Federal depository library’s operations and services with a focus on access, collections, service, and cooperative efforts. The Public Access Assessments program fulfills GPO’s responsibility to conduct “firsthand investigations of conditions” at individual depository libraries. (44USC§1909).