Folder Historical Publications

Earlier or superseded publications of the FDLP.


Folder Administrative Notes Technical Supplement (ANTS)

The previous FDLP monthly newsletter which updated various FDLP related publications, directories, depository listings, etc. Updates are now made to the Web-based application WEBTech Notes as needed.

Folder Federal Depository Library Handbook

The Federal Depository Library Handbook complete version and previous editions archive.

Folder Administrative Notes

Newsletter of the Federal Depository Library Program.

Folder Federal Depository Library Manual & Supplements

Contains the Federal Depository Library Manual, its Supplements, and updates from 1999 through 2008.

Folder Superseded List and Guidelines

Contains earlier version of the Superseded List and Guidelines

Folder Instructions to Depository Libraries

Contains the Instructions to Depository Libraries and updates from 1992 through 2003.


pdf Essential Titles for Public Use in Paper or Other Tangible Format Popular


The Essential Titles list was originally created in 1996 as a collection that the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) planned to continue disseminating in tangible format in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). The list was comprised of titles of U.S. Government information resources deemed essential to the conduct of government. During the transition to a more electronic FDLP, the list reflected GPO’s commitment to distribute certain titles in tangible format indefinitely. Over time, as agencies transitioned more publications to online-only format, GPO could no longer guarantee tangible printing and distribution of all resources on the list. As a result, the Essential Titles list no longer served its intended purpose.

See the FDLP Basic Collection article for current guidance on key publications in tangible and print formats.

pdf Preparing for a Library Inspection Popular


Provided guidance to individual libraries during GPO's former library assessment program.