Folder Collection Management

Documents regarding the building, organizing and maintaining a tangible and electronic collection are located here.


Folder General Resources

Miscellaneous documents that are helpful or needed in order to manage electronic or tangible collections.

Folder Distribution

Information about the depository shipments you receive in the mail.

Folder List of Classes

The official listing of publications available for selection by depository libraries.

Folder Union List of Item Selections

Text (.txt) lists of which Federal depository libraries select which item numbers. Files are updated weekly and posted on Friday.

Folder PURL Referrals

Statistical reports of PURL usage (2001 – February, 2016) that determine how often PURLs are accessed through library catalogs and Web pages. Reports dated after February, 2016 are not available in the FDLP.gov File Repository. For access to more recent monthly reports, log into the FDLP PURL Usage Reporting Tool.


pdf FDLP Survey: United States Code -- Elimination of Printed Annual Supplements Popular


Survey of Federal depository libraries and their use of the United States Code (USC) (Y 1.2/5:) and its supplements. (April/May 2019)

pdf Best Practices When Superseding and Substituting Popular


Guidance on Best Practices When Superseding and Substituting