FDLP.gov Functions: Cheat Sheet

  • Last Updated: December 31, 1969
  • Published: October 05, 2020

The staff in GPO’s Library Services & Content Management receive various questions about where to find certain FDLP.gov functions. We’ve developed a cheat sheet for our most commonly requested functions.

FDLP.gov FunctionsLocation & Assistance
ClaimsVisit askGPO, click on the FDLP box, and under Select Category, choose Claims.

Alternatively, log in to askGPO, and submit a Claims Request Form.
Subscribe to FDLP News & EventsVisit askGPO, click on the FDLP box, under Select Category choose FDLP.gov, and under ‘Enter your inquiry’ type: Subscribe to FDLP News & Events, (your name), and (your email address).
Order Promotional MaterialsVisit our ordering page, and use your library’s FDLP.gov login credentials. Visit our promotional page for downloadable handouts. Visit askGPO, click on the FDLP box, under Select Category choose, marketing, social media and promotional materials.
WEBTech Notes export featureEmail [email protected] and provide information as to format for exporting and where to receive exported data.
Partnerships contact formVisit askGPO, and select Partnership Request Form.

Alternatively, log in to askGPO, and submit a Partnership Request form.
Homeland Security Digital Library accessLog in to askGPO, and submit a Homeland Security Digital Library form.
Request for GPO Participation at Your Library’s EventsEmail [email protected].
Federal Depository Support Services contact form (formerly Outreach & Support)Subscribe to FDLP News & EventsEmail [email protected].
Essential FDLP submissionsComplete the Essential FDLP form.
Update your FDL Directory entryThe designated depository coordinator may log in to askGPO. Click on My Federal Depository Library and Edit. A tutorial is available at: https://www.fdlp.gov/askgpo-training.
Volunteer to present for the FDLP AcademyEmail [email protected].

If you encounter any function of FDLP.gov that you aren’t able to access, please use askGPO. Click on Submit an Inquiry. Under ‘Type of Customer,’ choose Federal Depository Library and for ‘Select Category,’ choose FDLP.gov.