FDLP Academy Training Repository

Title Date of Webinar
Spring 2020 Depository Library Council Virtual Meeting April 22, 2020
No Budget? No Problem! How to Stock your Library with Free Government Publications. April 09, 2020
Coronavirus frauds and scams: What you need to know April 08, 2020
Open Educational Resources -- Build a Lesson Using Free Government Resources April 07, 2020
Congressional Research Service Reports and the Constitution Annotated – Now Available on Congress.gov April 06, 2020
IMLS Webinar: Mitigating COVID-19 When Managing Paper-Based, Circulating, and Other Types of Collections March 30, 2020
Business Sources from the Federal Government: Classic and New March 26, 2020
Digital Collections at the National Forest Service Library March 17, 2020
How Houston Public Library Engages the Community with Its FDLP Resources: Tips and Tricks March 12, 2020
Library Research for Water Resources March 05, 2020
USGS Training Site: Using The National Map Products and Services March 02, 2020
Traveling with a Disability / Health Condition February 26, 2020
A Guided Tour of NOAA Climate.gov — Three Portals in One February 21, 2020
Introduction to Federal Research and Resources on Rural Education in the U.S. February 20, 2020
Adoption, Foster Care and Children's Well-Being: Resources from the Children's Bureau February 10, 2020
The United States Government Manual: Loose-Leaf to Digital February 05, 2020
Introduction to OpenRefine: Using Open Software to Weed and Manage your Government Documents Collection January 30, 2020
2020 Census And How It Will Impact Libraries January 29, 2020
Introduction to Geosciences Library Research January 23, 2020
Using FDLP eXchange in a Large or Multi-State Region January 22, 2020
DSIMS or : How I Manage My Selection Profile January 21, 2020
Doing Business with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) January 14, 2020
GPO on the Go: Condensed, collaborative, constructive conversations December 12, 2019
Enjoy That Vacation and Find a New Hobby: Government Resources on Travel, Recreation and Safe and Interesting Hobbies December 11, 2019
Defense Department Statistical Resources December 05, 2019
Virtual Discussion on DSIMS Modernization December 04, 2019
Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government November 21, 2019
Using FDLP eXchange for Collection Development November 14, 2019
Using FDLP LibGuides November 14, 2019
Using FDLP eXchange in a State with More than One Regional November 12, 2019
Sorting SuDoc Call Numbers in Excel November 08, 2019
Fall 2019 Federal Depository Library Conference October 21, 2019
The Occupational Outlook Handbook: Information on hundreds of occupations in the United States September 26, 2019
Help! I am a new depository coordinator. September 19, 2019
Discover Economic History with FRASER September 18, 2019
Census Business Builder 2.6: What's New August 29, 2019
Public Papers of the President August 21, 2019
To Encourage Productive and Enjoyable Harmony Between Man and His Environment: Environmental Impact Statements at Northwestern University’s Transportation Library August 15, 2019
Stay Mentally Alert: Government Resources For Good Mental Health July 30, 2019
Providing Access to Digital Documents July 25, 2019
Grow Your Bank Account: Use Government Resources To Plan Your Current And Future Finances July 24, 2019
Measles, Immunizations and Finding Accurate Health Information with MedlinePlus July 09, 2019
New Updates to data.census.gov June 27, 2019
Eat Your Veggies: Sneaking Government Documents into Popular Library Programs June 25, 2019
FDLP PURL Usage Report - Analyzing Usage of Digital FDLP Resources June 13, 2019
Who, What, Where, When and How? Legislative Research When You've Reached the End of What You Know June 05, 2019
FDLP eXchange Training June 03, 2019
Web Scraping for the Coding-Challenged May 23, 2019
PTAB Insights into the ISO16363 Audit of GPO May 22, 2019
Compiling a Monthly New Electronic Titles Alert May 09, 2019