FDLP Academy Training Repository

Title Date of Webinar
Measuring America Series: Accessing Public School System Finances Data April 18, 2017
Planning for and Managing Storage for Digital Collections April 12, 2017
Increasing Access and Openness in the Federal Government through Transparency.Treasury.Gov April 06, 2017
Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications April 06, 2017
Measuring America Series: Accessing County Business Patterns Data March 30, 2017
Exploring the Costs and Benefits of Cataloging Free Resources March 29, 2017
Science Soup, Part Six - Saving Us from Scary Things: CDC (Centers for Disease Control): Monitoring Our World for Disease March 28, 2017
Confronting Misinformation: How librarians can assist patrons in the digital information age March 27, 2017
OnTheMap, Part 2, Beyond the Basics March 23, 2017
An Overview of the GPO Cataloging Guidelines March 22, 2017
Introduction to SuDocs Classification March 21, 2017
Digital Imaging 101: Converting Tangible Publications to Digital Assets March 20, 2017
Federal Legislative History 101 March 02, 2017
If You Make It, Protect It! Understanding the Importance of Intellectual Property Rights for Your Community February 28, 2017
Using OnTheMap for Community Analysis, Part 1: Basics February 23, 2017
Measuring America Series: Accessing Fertility Statistics February 21, 2017
Enriching the Experience for Government Documents Student Workers February 16, 2017
Science Soup, Part Five: The Air We Breathe and the Water We Drink: The EPA - Keeping Our Environment Safe February 15, 2017
Beyond Google - Another Look at Finding Government Information February 02, 2017
Legislative Source Book Resources January 31, 2017