FDLP Academy Testimonials

“These programs over the last few years and during the pandemic have truly been exceptional and everyone in the home office at GPO needs to be complimented for superior work.”

John Leonard Berg
University of Wisconsin - Platteville

“You can't imagine how much I appreciate your efforts to give us this support in times of a pandemic. The FDLP Academy always help us to learn new and to review what is already known.”

Janet Gutierrez Rodriguez
Universidad de Puerto Rico

"FDLP Academy has been a wonderful platform for the Benefits.gov Program to connect with community advocates around the country focused on helping us fulfil our mission of connecting citizens find access to government benefit information. Our team has truly enjoyed working with the FDLP team with coordination of each of our presentations to Federal librarians and community advocates around the country. As a result of our Benefits.gov webinars, we have been able to form cross-collaborative relationships with organizations and agencies to ensure citizens are given access to information they need."

Tyler Bryant

"I had a great experience working with the staff of the FDLP Academy. The staff worked with me in advance to make sure I knew how to use the features of WebEx. The FDLP staff even recorded the webinars, so they are still available for your viewing and listening pleasure. The slides and closed captioning are available too."

—LaDona Kirkland
Defense Technical Information Center

"I have taught several webinars for the FDLP Academy, and I’m always impressed with the assistance from the GPO staff members. Before each webinar, they provided good training in using the system, and they also ensured that the computer and communications devices that I was going to use were compatible with the system. The staff members made it very easy to conduct the webinars, and I hope to present again in the future."

—Edward Kownslar
Steen Library, Stephen F. Austin State University

"Before I retired as former Regional Librarian for the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, I gave 30 webinars, all on different topics, for the FDLP Academy, usually at the rate of one per month since 2015. Here is what I learned about the GPO staff of the FDLP Academy, and why I recommend them and the FDLP Academy webinar process to you --

  1. The GPO staff who will work with you will be your complete one-stop webinar tech support team, ready to solve almost any online problems that you may encounter in offering your webinar to the FDLP and the nation.
  2. The GPO staff will do the primary marketing of your webinar, although you're free to do additional marketing via emails and web page announcements to govdoc-l and your local FDLP listservs and websites.
  3. The GPO staff who will become an integral part of your webinar are some of the friendliest people you will ever work with. They won't let you down.
  4. Your webinar is saved for use by FDLP librarians, other librarians, educators and students, the business community, and the public in general.
  5. You will participate in and contribute to an online learning community greater than yourself for the common good of our nation.

Add these up and you have all the good reasons you will ever need to contact the FDLP Academy about your potential webinar! Teach us and we will learn."

Steve Beleu
Norman, OK

"At the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we have a program designed to help libraries become the go to resource for free and unbiased financial education tools and resources. With so many libraries across the country, having the FDLP as a resource for outreach is invaluable. The FDLP staff knows the audience and is well-versed on the logistics for a webinar. Having a professional staff who manages the logistics is a huge benefit.”

Ken McDonnell, Financial Education Program Analyst
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Office for Financial Education

"Preparing and giving webinars for the FDLP Academy is one of the best things I do. Every time I prepare and give a webinar, I learn more than I teach to others."

Jane Canfield, Coordinator of Federal Documents
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

"I’ve been especially impressed by the training offered by the FDLP Academy. I would encourage anyone interested in government library service to explore their extensive back catalog. Webinars are also a good way for any of us to share our expertise. Someone who may not quite have the courage to present at a conference can contribute to a webinar and gain experience with less pressure. And recording a webinar for later viewing on demand is an absolutely brilliant innovation and yet another example of how librarians embrace technology to improve service!”

Stacey DiFazio

"I am a frequent participant in FDLP Academy programs. In the last year, I've viewed at least one program per month, on topics that range from using the FLDP eXchange to Native American information in the US Serial Set. Our community is generous with its time and expertise, and it's wonderful to have an outlet like the FDLP Academy to share the wealth of knowledge in our combined experience."

Mary Clark
Library of Virginia

"The FDLP Academy Training Repository is terrific! The subject tags and the ability to access the webinars from any computer station have made the website quite user-friendly; I am enjoying these new features and enhancing my knowledge as I explore this wealth of information. Thanks for sharing this invaluable tool"

Yvonne Williams
Memphis Public Libraries

“Working with the FDLP Academy was great. We received the technical support and creative freedom needed to present a great webinar.”

Barbara Davis & Robert M. Brammer
Law Library of Congress


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