The Library Services & Content Management FY 2019 Year in Review

GPO’s Library Services and Content Management (LSCM) annually releases its Year in Review, which highlights LSCM's major accomplishments over the previous fiscal year and serves to map our work for the future.

The FY 2019 LSCM Year in Review is now available. In this edition, topics covered include:

  • GPO Partnerships & Collaborations
  • FDLP National Collection Services Pilot Initiatives
  • The FDLP Academy
  • Enhancing Content in govinfo
  • Special Selection Offers
  • The Depository Library Council
  • Web Archiving
  • The FDLP eXchange
  • Promoting the FDLP
  • FDLP LibGuides
  • New Information Retrieval Platform for the CGP
  • Cataloging Guidelines
  • FDLP Metrics
  • Cataloging Record Distribution Program
  • Regional Discard
  • FDLP Web Services
  • Green FDLP Shipments
  • Catalog Records on GitHub

The FY 2019 Year in Review is cataloged under:

  • Title: FY 2019 LSCM Year in Review
  • Class: GP 3.1/3:2019
  • Item Number: 0556-C-03 (online)
  • PURL
  • CGP System Number: 945676