Tips for Conference Success

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Tips for Conference Success

Before you arrive:

  1. Pack your laptop or tablet. Free WiFi is available in the meeting rooms so you can download available slides and handouts in real time and follow along with the presenters.
  2. Check out the schedule and agenda in advance, identify your conference goals, and use the conference app to plan your sessions, add events to your calendar, and view local area transportation aids/food options.
  3. Take advantage of the Twitter feed. Use the hashtag in advance (#FDLConference), and let followers know you will be attending. Connect with other attendees ahead of time, plan social outings, and ask questions of others in advance.
  4. Put together a list of issues that you would like to address in your depository, and bring it with you to the event. If you have specific questions for LSCM Outreach Librarians or want to schedule time during the conference to meet with them, contact us to schedule an appointment during the event at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

During the event:

  1. Take advantage of “Coffee with Council,” breaks, lunches, and after hours to talk with your fellow attendees and GPO staff.
  2. Attend the New Attendees orientation if you need to learn the background of who the DLC is or if you need a refresher (Monday, October 22, 8:30am).
  3. During the lunch break on Monday, October 22, we suggest that regionals and their selectives gather for lunch. If your regional coordinator is not in attendance, you’re welcome to join GPO Outreach Librarians for lunch. This is a great opportunity to share information, ask questions, gain new ideas, and build your network.
  4. Group breakfasts, lunches, happy hours, and dinners are often shared on the bulletin board by the conference registration desk and also via social media using the conference hashtag - #FDLConference.
  5. Bring your business cards to share, and collect business cards. Jot down a bit of info about the contact on the back of their business card to jog your memory later.
  6. Use your conference booklet. (You will receive it when you check in at the conference registration desk.) Jot down thoughts, impressions, inspirations, and ideas to think about upon your return home.
  7. GPO staff are always willing to meet and talk with you to answer questions, consult, or point you in the right direction. Visit the registration desk if you need assistance, and we can point you in the right direction.
  8. Continue to follow the hashtag - #FDLConference. The insights shared by fellow attendees are a great additional source of info.
  9. Use the hashtag. Share your photos, insights, helpful area info, and tidbits you learn from the presentations/presenters. If you take photos of speakers, get their Twitter handle and tag them.

After the event:

  1. Review your conference booklet and the thoughts you captured. Decide what items you can act on at your library.
  2. Review the business cards you’ve collected. Follow up with new contacts and continue your new relationships.
  3. Contact the Outreach & Support team at GPO (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to get any assistance you may need to implement the changes you want to make in your library. GPO has a lot of information and items available to help move your library forward.
  4. If you missed a session you wanted to attend, be sure to check the conference archive for recordings of certain sessions.
  5. Complete the conference survey to help us improve future events.


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