Fall 2011 DLC Meeting and Conference Summary

The Depository Library Council Meeting and Federal Depository Library Conference was held in Arlington, VA from October 17-20, 2011. During this time; the Depository Library Council, U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) staff, and members of the depository library community participated in over 40 educational sessions that discussed regional issues, progress with various GPO projects, and other topics of importance to the FDLP community.

A particular session to note, “Creating Our Shared Vision: Roles and Opportunities in the FDLP”, started a dialog about an outcomes-based, collaborative process to reach agreement on the future of the Program. The goal was to engage the community and provide the opportunity for every depository library to share their voice. GPO will be providing related materials and further information concerning this exchange via fdlp.gov and FDLP Community in the near future.

Discussions of this initiative or other aspects of the meeting or conference are always encouraged even after the conclusion of the meeting.

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