Data by Census Tracts from the CDC and USDA

Title: Data by Census Tracts from the CDC and USDA


  • Steve Beleu, Federal Government Information Specialist, Oklahoma Department of Libraries


    Census Tracts are designed to have stable, continuous, and comparable boundaries that exhibit no or minimal change across time. This webinar begins at Census’ “Maps and Geography” website, then goes to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Food Access Research Atlas that displays “Low Income” and “Low Access [to supermarkets]” data by applicable Census Tracts. From there, we will move to another USDA website that identifies supermarket access by all Census Tracts. We end at the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) 500 Cities website that exhibits health data by Census Tracts, such as health characteristics, prevention, and unhealthy behaviors.

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Duration: 67 minutes

Date Recorded: 03/22/2018

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