CRDP Changed Records from a Recent GPO PURL Update Project

GPO recently shared news about updates to PURLs in catalog records. See “PURL Access Issues Update.”

Ultimately, GPO updated 170,501 Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) records. Within these records, 191,129 PURLs were modified.

Because of the unusually large volume of records involved, the records will be included in CRDP records sets over some months, potentially 8-9 months, starting in September, 2020.

Libraries selecting the option to receive changed records in their CRDP Profiles will receive these records when their item selection profile matches the item numbers in the catalog records.

  • Please note that each CRDP library is entitled to make up to two cataloging specification updates to the record sets output during each Federal fiscal year (October-September). Adding or removing the option to select changed records would count as one of these changes.
  • The records will be part of CRDP “changed records sets”. Groups of these records with PURL updates will be combined with the usual record sets each month, and will appear along with changed records resulting from GPO’s regular cataloging work during the previous month. Libraries receiving changed records will see these in the same way they see other changed records.
  • If you don’t have a copy of your CRDP Profile and are interested in seeing the options your library has selected, please contact GPO or MARCIVE to request a copy.
  • If you are interested in talking to other depository library staff about use of changed records, please contact GPO for referrals to CRDP Buddies.

If you would like to modify your CRDP Profile to add or remove the option to select and receive changed records or have any questions about this, please contact MARCIVE directly.

If your library is adding changed records in order to receive the records described above, please contact MARCIVE by August 31, 2020.

For questions about the catalog records with the PURL updates, please submit a question to GPO catalogers through askGPO.

If your library prefers to acquire the changed records outside of the CRDP, you will be able to access all the records with these updates to PURLs through CGP on GitHub. If your library has made significant changes to item selections over the past several years that PURLs have been used (since March, 1998) but you have not weeded records from your local catalog, you may wish to acquire the changed records through GitHub instead of through the CRDP so more records in your catalog can be updated.