COVID-19 Best Practices & Lessons Learned for FDLP Libraries

  • Last Updated: December 31, 1969
  • Published: May 18, 2021

Nationwide, FDLP libraries have accumulated many coronavirus (COVID-19) lessons learned and best practices, from working remotely to the process of reopening. GPO has been asking librarians and staff what initiatives have been incorporated into your ‘new normal’ environment to enhance and strengthen your overall public service experience. A new web page under the COVID-19 Toolkit serves as a collection of related information to share among the FDLP community. This new resource was created as a result of the latest Depository Library Council recommendations.

GPO wants to continue to share your COVID-19 wisdom with the FDLP community in several ways.

  1. The FDLP Academy is seeking speakers on any topic related to COVID-19 operational changes and lessons learned. Propose your topic, and the FDLP Academy team will work with your availability to schedule a webinar. Contact us to get started.

Any topic related to the pandemic that you feel could benefit other FDLP librarians is relevant. Some examples include:

  • Adjusting evolving service models.
  • Maintaining public access when the library is physically closed.
  • Best practices for closing and reopening.
  • Implementing safety measures for library staff and patrons.
  • Innovative new services for library patrons.
  • The challenges and opportunities of performing library work remotely.
  1. LSCM seeks to use this new web page to continue to share after-action plans, lessons learned, best practices, success stories, and other documents your library has developed related to the pandemic. Share your documentation and ideas with GPO.