WEBTech Notes  Record No.93546

Title: 109-1 Comm. Prt., Written Comments on H.R. 3376, the Tax Technical Corrections Act of 2005, August 31, 2005"
SuDoc No.: Y 4.W 36:WMCP 109-6
Item No.: 1028-A
Shipping List Number: 2007-0211-P
Notes: Change class to: Y 4.W 36:WMCP 109-8. Correction to ANTS-v14-#07-08-07-08/31/07
Category: CC
List Number: 2007-06
Volume Number: ANTS-v14-11-12-11-12/31/07
Record Number: 93546
Date Created: 2007-12-31
Last Modified: 2009-12-03
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