WEBTech Notes  Record No.93518

Title: 107-2 Hrg., Implementation of Public Law 107-95, The Comprehensive Veterans Homeless Assistance Act of 2001, and Other Matters Dealing with Assistance to Homeless Veterans, September 12, 2002 (Serial No. 107-39)
SuDoc No.: Y 4.V 64/4:107-39
Item No.: 1046-A-01
Shipping List Number: 2003-0199-P
Notes: Correction to ANTS-v-10-#07-07/31/03. Change class to: Y 4.V 64/3:107-39. Correct item no is 1027-A.
Category: CC
List Number: 2003-08
Volume Number: ANTS-v10-#08-8/31/03
Record Number: 93518
Date Created: 2003-08-31
Last Modified: 2003-08-31
Status: New