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Title: Precedents of the United States House of Representatives (P)
SuDoc No.: Y 1.1/2:SERIAL 15949-
Item No.: 0995-G-01
Shipping List Number: 2018-0187-P
Notes: On shipping list 2018-0187-P, we erroneously distributed the serial set version of Precedents of the United States House of Representatives, Vol. 1 (2017), to all depository libraries who selected the House Document version, print item no. 0995-G-01. Item no. 0995-G-01 is now cancelled and replaced by item no. 0996-A-03. Selective libraries should reclassify their copy from Y 1.1/2:SERIAL 15949-1 to Y 1.1/7-2:115-62/V.1. We plan to send additional instructions about steps the selective depository libraries should take to correctly mark their copy. Regionals selecting the serial set should not reclassify their copy. Regionals will also receive a House Document version in addition to the serial set version they have already received.
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Record Number: 116978
Date Created: 2019-12-13
Last Modified: 2019-12-17
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