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Title: Extradition Treaty with the Republic of Chile (MF)
SuDoc No.: Y 1.1/6:114-10
Item No.: 1008-D
Shipping List Number: 2019-0141-M
Notes: The distribution on Shipping List 2019-0141-M is the first distribution in microfiche format of the document: Extradition Treaty with the Republic of Chile. Microfiche was issued on Shipping list 2016-0278-M which incorrectly used the same SuDoc number. Both microfiche documents should be retained. Please see WTN 115489 for the correction: https://www.fdlp.gov/component/webtech/?view=webtechdetails&id=115489
Category: WH
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Record Number: 116835
Date Created: 2019-08-12
Last Modified: 2019-08-13
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