WEBTech Notes  Record No.103485

Title: 110-1 Comm. Prt., Manual of Rules of the Committee on Ways and Means During the One Hundred Tenth Congress, Adopted January 17, 2007
SuDoc No.: Y 4.W 36:10-5/2007
Item No.: 1028-B
Shipping List Number: 2007-0142-M
Notes: Correction to ANTS-v-14#07-08-07-08/31/07. Change shipping list no. to read: 2007-0174-P. Change item no. to read: 1028-A
Category: UM
List Number: 2008-01
Volume Number: ANTS-v15-#01-02-02/29/08
Record Number: 103485
Date Created: 2008-02-29
Last Modified: 2008-02-29
Status: New