Bundling GPO’s Media Platforms and the Delivery of Government Information

Mary Alice Baish Assistant Public Printer, Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO).

U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) leadership and staff were very pleased last month when our new mobile app for the FY 2013 Budget, like our first Mobile Member Guide, received accolades from users and the press. The mobile app team is led by Chief Technology Officer Ric Davis.

The theme of this month’s issue of the FDLP Connection is, appropriately, going mobile. It features a special article by Acting Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks goals for technology innovation at GPO. Vance-Cooks has identified as a high priority for the agency to provide access to our impressive collection of new media platforms, including audio content, mobile apps and eBooks as we continue to deliver valuable public information in both digital and tangible formats. She intends to extend and broaden the delivery of Web-based content via wireless networking as a major agency goal.

Continuing with our mobile theme, albeit in a different context, we are very proud to showcase this month the terrific Depository Distribution team who moved late last year from GPO Main to our Laurel, Maryland, warehouse. The consolidation of our Depository Distribution and Sales functions in Laurel has been very successful, a result of months of meticulous planning by staff in Library Services and Content Management (LSCM) as well as across many other GPO business units.

I have enjoyed many visits to Laurel throughout the consolidation process, most recently a few weeks ago. Our Laurel staff is an impressive, close knit, energetic team. It’s always a pleasure to meet with them and listen to their perspectives on our progress. They are excited about the change and are dedicated to providing depository libraries with first class service. While we have reduced staff in Depository Distribution from 17 to 11 FTEs as part of the consolidation, I am especially pleased that within 24 hours of the public launch of the Federal Budget of the United States, our hard-working team had shipped the tangible products to all depository libraries.

During her first two months as Acting Public Printer, Vance-Cooks has been very engaged in the complex issues related to the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) and its future. She invited members of the Depository Library Council to a special introductory meeting with her on Thursday, March 8, so she can get to know them prior to next October’s meeting. She looks forward to learning about the role of each of their libraries in providing access and service to FDLP resources and is seeking their first hand ideas for improvements to FDLP processes and delivery. Additionally, she looks forward to discussing with them the role of the advisory Council. Following the morning meeting with Vance-Cooks, we will discuss Council’s recommendations from the October 2011 meeting and have planned a busy afternoon of updates by LSCM staff on key programs and projects.

In the same vein, Acting Public Printer Vance-Cooks has just announced the names of her first appointments to the Depository Library Council (DLC). Please join me in welcoming the five librarians who will serve on DLC from June 1, 2012, to May 31, 2015. They are: Steve Beleu, Director of the Oklahoma State Data Center Coordinating Agency; Christopher Brown, Reference/Government Documents Librarian at the University of Denver’s Penrose Library; Marie Concannon, Government Documents Regional Coordinator at the University of Missouri’s Elmer Ellis Library; Rosemary LaSala, Reference/Government Collections Librarian at St. John’s University Rittenberg Law Library; and Larry Romans, Head of Government Information and Media Services at Vanderbilt University’s Central Library.

February has been a productive month for the FDLP Forecast Project team. It released the FDLP Library Forecast and created a project Web site, available through the FDLP Desktop, where information and the latest updates about the project can be found. February was also filled with community outreach and very positive discussions with FDLP members. Team members attended virtual meetings and participated in phone conferences with:

  • California’s BADnet (Bay Area Documents Network).
  • Kansas GODORT (Government Documents Round Table).
  • Colorado’s GoPIG (Government Publications Interest Group).
  • Illinois’ state forecast project team members.
  • Minnesota’s regional meeting of Minnesota and South Dakota selectives.

During these meetings, Forecast team members presented an overview of the project, reviewed the questions asked as part of the FDLP Library Forecast questionnaire, discussed the FDLP State Forecast and the State Focused Action Plan, answered community members’ questions, and provided examples of how Federal depositories are working together to organize and complete State Forecasts and State Focused Action Plans. More state meetings are scheduled for the coming months. If you would like to schedule a meeting to learn more about the project, ask questions, or discuss the questionnaire, please contact Cherie Givens or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..