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Providing quality, accurate, integrated, and customized Web services to the FDLP Community is a top priority for the FDLP Web Team. This was stressed at the recent Spring DLC Meeting, where attendees got a glimpse of the working template for the FDLP Desktop redesign, heard about new tools that are currently under development, and got to meet the new Ben character, which will be used in the Ben's Guide redesign. In order to establish an open dialog with the entire FDL community, an FDLP Web Services discussion area has been created on the FDLP Community forum.

The FDLP Web Team would love to hear about what works, what could be improved, visions for tools that would benefit depository operations, and anything else that is on your mind related to Web services for the FDLP. In turn, learn about our ideas, strategies, and constraints.

Currently, categories have been set up for the FDLP Desktop and Ben’s Guide. One thread has been created on the pending redesign of the FDLP Desktop. We encourage you to take a look at the proposed homepage design and give us feedback on the colors, imagery, and text headers. Once we finalize the site design concept, we will start building subpages.

Next week, a thread will be started on the Ben’s Guide forum that unveils the new Ben character. Other threads will be created over the course of the coming weeks. Create new threads based on your questions and ideas.

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