Digitized Collections at the University of Florida

Like many depository libraries, the George A. Smathers Library at the University of Florida (UF) has a considerable amount of the interesting, historic material in its regional collection. The UF Libraries were able to begin a project in 2009 to provide online access and digital preservation to a portion of their historic collection. The project focuses on the portions of the depository collection for which the UF Libraries serve as an ASERL Center of Excellence. The agencies included in the digitization project are:

  • Panama Canal Commission (PCC), its preceding institution, the Isthmian Canal Commission (ICC), and all Federal publications related to the Canal
  • National Recovery Administration (NRA)
  • National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS)
  • Institute of Museums Services (IMS)
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)

If bibliographic records are not already available, the UF library is cataloging the publications prior to sending them to the Internet Archive for digitization. If any of the publications fall outside of the parameters of the Internet Archive, they are digitized by the UF Digital Library Center. Following digitization, a copy of the scanned publication is ingested in the University of Florida Digital Collections for public access. The full digital packages are archived at the UF Libraries and the Florida Digital Archive. While House and Senate hearings are not included in the digitization project, the UF Libraries are working to complete cataloging of all the hearings in their collection.

Currently, the over 1,600 publications from the National Recovery Administration in the UF Libraries collection have been digitized as well as a number of Federal publications related to the Panama Canal. This material is accessible at the University of Florida Digital Library. Here is just a small sample of the gems you can find:

Digitization of the remaining Panama Canal related material is ongoing, and work is beginning to prepare the material from the other agencies for digitization.

Under the terms of the partnership with the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), the UF library will share bibliographic records for the tangible versions of publications, including the House and Senate hearings, with GPO's Library Services & Content Management (LSCM). The records for the tangible versions will be reviewed and any SuDoc and item numbers validated. LSCM catalogers will then create a separate record for the digitized version of the publication. These records will include a PURL to the copy of the publication in the University of Florida Digital Collections. All the records will be identifiable by a 955 field that will read "GPO Historic Collection; University of Florida". LSCM is currently working with the UF Libraries to process a test batch of bibliographic records in order to establish a workflow.

GPO is very pleased to work with the UF Libraries on this partnership and thanks all the staff at the UF Libraries for their hard work to preserve and to make these collections accessible.