Union List and List of Classes Files Updated

The data files for the folder Union List of Item Selections (Union-L) and the folder Union List of Item Selections have been updated to utilize data from the Depository Selection Information Management System (DSIMS).

Files are in ASCII text format. This is a change for the Union-L. Union-L files were previously available in GZIP (.gz) format.

The data files are updated as follows:

  • The Union-L data files are updated weekly on Fridays.
  • The List of Classes data files are updated twice monthly and made available on the 1st and 15th.

The format of the List of Classes data files have been altered. Changes include:

  1. Frequencies and formats, formerly included in the title field, have been parsed into their own fields.
  2. The Inactive Items file only includes items that have been inactivated since the system migration (February 2012). The full collection of inactive item numbers will be restored in the near future.

Data cleanup is still being performed in DSIMS; therefore, there may still be some anomalies in the List of Classes files. While these issues are resolved, use the List of Classes data files in conjunction with the pdf September 2011 print List of Classes in order to clarify where data in the new files appears to be inconsistent. 

The spring 2012 print and PDF edition of the List of Classes is in development and will be released when editing is complete.