2012 Meeting Wrap-Up

The official theme of the 2012 Depository Library Council Meeting and Federal Depository Library Conference was Celebrating the Past, Building the Future Together. And the thread that ran through every presentation, program, and poster session, and every chat over coffee and cookies was collaboration. We are building the future together. We are in this together. For four days, we gathered, talked, learned, and shared. Those who could not be with us onsite followed and participated on twitter. And each FDLP forecast session was available virtually in real time and has been archived.

Council sessions were organized by this year’s working groups:

Collaborations: A View from the States

The Collaboration Working Group’s session highlighted two different projects – the St. Louis, MO “sub-regional” concept and the Six-State Virtual Government Information Conference. Both projects are excellent and inspiring examples of creative cooperation. The St. Louis “sub-regional” is a grassroots effort to keep Government document collections accessible within a densely-populated area and encourages communication among libraries. The Six-State Virtual Conference saves participants travel time and funding while creating a repository of freely available presentations. Thanks to speakers Marie Concannon, Barbara Rehkop, Chris Brown, Janet Fisher, Peggy Jobe, and Jennie Gerke.

Facing Training Needs: Building a Training Registry

The Education and Training Working Group organized a panel to discuss various models: registries, clearinghouses, and repositories. We all know that training is always needed and is a high priority. We need to train our users, we need to train each other, and we need to train librarians and staff who do not work primarily with Government information. The discussion about centralized places for the community to share training resources was much appreciated. Thanks to speakers Jesse Silva, Steve Beleu, and Mark Ames.

How to Succeed with Little or Nothing: Ideas for FDLs

The Sustainability Working Group gathered a panel of librarians to answer questions on staff, collections and space, reference service, advocating to administrators, and the future. Every situation is different, but the common thread is a need to communicate our value and to keep our focus on providing Government information in all formats to the public. Although times are hard, we have some great ideas and are making it work, together. Thanks to speakers Janet Fisher, Robbie Sittell, and Cass Hartnett.

Web Archiving and How It Fits into the FDLP

The Technology Working Group convened an expert panel to discuss projects and efforts to harvest and preserve Web content. We learned some of the ins and outs of Web harvesting, and especially best practices. Collaborative efforts currently underway allow projects to flexibly respond to changing circumstances and allow organizations to share expertise with each other. Thanks to speakers Abbie Grotke, David Walls, Fang Gao, and Dory Bower.

Council is currently busy working on recommendations to the Public Printer that reflect our discussions throughout the October Meeting & Conference. Look for an announcement in the next few weeks.

If you were unable to attend the meeting and want to find out more about these Council sessions and any of the other amazing and varied educational sessions, the conference proceedings and transcripts are available on the FDLP Web site.

The FDLP Forecast Study is discussed elsewhere in this issue. These were not Council sessions, but the presentations by GPO staff and the discussion that ensued will certainly inform Council’s work this next year. The response to the Study – by individual libraries and states – was excellent. We are already doing a lot out in the community. We have a lot to say – and GPO is listening!

Shari Laster, Depository Library Council chair, led us through the week. She will be succeeded next year, starting June 1, 2013, by the Chair-elect, Arlene Weible. Congratulations to Shari for a successful fall Meeting & Conference, and congratulations to Arlene for stepping up!

As always, if you would like to talk to any Council member about any issue, please let us know. You can find our contact information on the FDLP Web site.