The Cataloging Record Distribution Program: Looking for Depositories to Participate

The Cataloging Record Distribution Program (CRDP) is a free Program through which U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO)-produced cataloging records are distributed to depository libraries for use in their online catalogs.

GPO currently has several openings for depositories who wish to become part of the Program. To inquire about becoming a participating library or to find out more about the Program, contact us through askGPO. When asking a question, select the category, “Federal Depository Libraries,” and the sub-category, “Cataloging Record Distribution Project.”

Program Details

Beginning as a pilot project in 2010, the CRDP is entering its fourth year. The Program continues to be a favorite of libraries and GPO staff alike. It is hoped that it will continue, in one form or another, permanently.

In this Program, GPO purchases MARCIVE Inc. services for participating depository libraries; there is no charge to participating libraries. MARCIVE makes catalog records available once a month. Libraries retrieve them via FTP and download them into their OPACs in accordance with their local processes.

GPO catalogs approximately 2,200 titles per month. The majority of records produced are for English-language materials, but GPO catalogs documents in any language used by publishing agencies. All records have a corresponding OCLC record number EXCEPT records from the GPO Historic Shelflist. GPO uses the separate record approach to cataloging, which means a cataloging record is created for each format of a publication. Records contain a 776 MARC field link to all other formats. All GPO cataloging is accessible in the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP).

How Does it Work?

MARCIVE works with participating libraries to develop a profile and to decide which records are sent each month. Depository libraries typically tailor their record selection to their item selection profile. Libraries may select one of the following options for their record distribution:

  • All new records in the set according to their Program profile
  • All new records, plus changed or updated bibliographic records
  • All electronic or EL-only records according to their CRDP profile
  • All GPO Historic Shelflist records or Historic Shelflist records from specified agencies, as they are created by GPO.

Libraries can choose the following custom options:

  • Changed or updated full cataloging records;
  • Historic Shelflist brief cataloging records;
  • Custom record organization; Creation of item record holding fields;
  • Creation of holding codes based on format;
  • Placement of OCLC and SuDoc numbers and designated MARC fields according to local practice; or
  • Record sets in MARC 8 or UTF-8.

Don’t delay, take advantage of this free cataloging record Program today by reaching out to GPO through askGPO. When asking a question, select the category, “Federal Depository Libraries,” and the sub-category, “Cataloging Record Distribution Project.”