Depository Libraries in Need

The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) has been watching the news with concern for our partner libraries in areas affected by recent storm damage. We would like to remind libraries that if at any time a natural or manmade disaster impacts your library’s services or building access, GPO can temporarily stop your shipments or redirect them to an alternate address until library staff are able to resume normal activity.

We would like to do more to assist people whose communities have been affected. To that effect, if anyone not affected by the severe weather is aware of depository libraries that are in need of assistance or a temporary halt in their shipments, please contact GPO and notify us of the situation as you know it. GPO staff will keep track of any library’s situation and attempt to reach out to affected library staff.

We appreciate the support the government information community lends to each other, and respectfully request your help in identifying libraries in need.