Council Working Groups for 2012-13

The Depository Library Council (DLC) has adopted its working group structure for 2012-13 in order to focus on certain issues of concern that may be open to meaningful action or change in the near future. Working within a broadly stated theme, each group will develop two or three focused topics. Throughout the year, the working group will collaborate with the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) to understand the needs related to these areas and to discuss potential avenues for change. These topics will inform the development of Council Sessions for the Depository Library Council Meeting & Federal Depository Library Conference and will provide focus for discussions regarding DLC recommendations to GPO.

All of us will continue to discuss and address major issues throughout the year, both those that are ongoing and any that may arise. These include understanding and interpreting data from the FDLP Forecast Study, discussing the needs of selective and regional depositories, and responding to issues that affect the core mission of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). All 15 members of DLC will always participate in decisions involving recommendations to GPO, and each member will stay informed in all of these areas.

By dividing into groups for specific themes, DLC members have the hands-on opportunity to work in a focused manner on a specific outcome. The structure also allows DLC to address several areas at once in a way that is difficult to accomplish with a large group. Additionally, members of these groups will act as our in-house experts for deliberation on specific questions.

With this background, I would like to present the Depository Library Council’s 2012-13 working groups:

  • COLLABORATION (Steve Hayes, Stephanie Braunstein, Arlene Weible, Larry Romans) will focus on opportunities related to GPO partnerships, library associations, and multi-institutional arrangements.
  • SUSTAINABILITY (Peggy Jarrett, Steve Beleu, Marie Concannon) will work on issues related to engaging FDLP members, particularly those in traditionally underserved library types and sizes.
  • EDUCATION (Helen Burke, Debbie Rabina, Sue Lyons) will focus their efforts on the area of training and education for librarians and users.
  • TECHNOLOGY (Mark Phillips, Chris Brown, Rosemary LaSala) will work on specific issues related to GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys), Web harvesting, and technology.

As chair, I will assist each of these groups in their work while monitoring issues that may not make it into the two or three focused areas, but are nevertheless important for us to understand and consider.

In the coming weeks, we will share the focus areas for each group on the FDLP Community site. The working groups will also use the “Council Corner” section of the FDLP Connection to keep the FDLP community informed about their work. You are all welcomed and encouraged to share your thoughts, questions, and ideas about these topics with any members of Council, including myself. Each member of Council can be reached through fdlp.gov and the FDLP Community site.