Newark Public Library

The gratification of being a regional depository library is very apparent at the Newark Public Library. Using the library Web site, the building, and other means, the staff promotes the wealth of information and services available to users that it derives from this status.

Newark Public Library not only relishes its role as New Jersey’s regional depository, but it also strives to provide free, public access to all documents, whether new or historical. The latter is further evidenced by the library’s dedication to creating a comprehensive depository collection and the creation of discovery tools. Extensive guides for locating older documents that are not yet cataloged are available on their Web site and accessible to all. Though there is a guide specifically for online U.S. Government documents, Government information resources are incorporated into other topical guides that include commercial and non-profit sources as well.

Beyond this, the library also takes pride in its depository collection by promoting it to the community, both within the building and online through the Web site and social media endeavors. Find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Recent promotional exhibits have celebrated the depository’s centennial, the U.S. Census, and NASA’s 50th anniversary. Articles about these exhibits appeared in the New York Times and other news sources, and information about them is maintained on the library Web pages. Library staff members also promote through regular posts to Twitter and present to groups outside the library.

Newark Public Library also shows its enthusiasm for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) by contributing to its collective development. Staff members participate in various pilot projects, such as the original National Technical Information Service (NTIS) pilot and Government Information Online (GIO), an online reference service partnership. Laura Saurs, the regional coordinator, served on the Depository Library Council to the Public Printer from 2002-2005. She and other library staff members’ pride in being a regional is further demonstrated by the services that are provided to New Jersey depositories. Members of the staff are familiar with all depositories in the state and do whatever can be done to help improve New Jersey depository operations and services. To help maintain their expertise in Government information resources and services, they attend Documents Association of New Jersey (DANJ) conferences and monitor various Government information related discussion lists, which help them identify the issues that their selectives face.

The FDLP is fortunate to have Newark Public Library as a regional library, and GPO is proud to have the opportunity to showcase this library to the community.