Strategic Plan for the Future of the FDLP

GPO is developing a strategic plan for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) that looks forward 5-10 years. There were initial discussions at the Spring 2008 meeting of the Depository Library Council. At that meeting we discussed the vision, mission, and assumptions. We also began a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of the FDLP. Discussion continued at the fall meeting where program goals were determined.

For those who were unable to attend the Council meetings, or for those who want a refresher of the session, there are links on this page to the presentation and the discussion. Other related links are included below as well.

The discussion from the last two meetings of the Depository Library Council on the future and strategic direction of the FDLP was incorporated into a draft strategic plan, which is posted below. It will be updated with more details once input is received from the depository library community and the strategic direction is approved by the Council. GPO invites your comments and thoughts on the draft plan as well as your vision of the FDLP of the future. Please use the comment form.

The Strategic Plan

Draft- (04/17/2009) - Federal Depository Library Program Strategic Plan, 2009-2014: Creating an Informed Citizenry and Improving Quality of Life

Draft- (01/15/2009) - Federal Depository Library Program Strategic Plan, 2009-2014: Creating an Informed Citizenry and Improving Quality of Life

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Letter from Ric Davis, Acting Superintendent of Documents and Director, LSCM
Letter to all depository library directors inviting discussion about the value of the FDLP and the library's participation in it.

Shaping and Transforming the Future of the FDLP
Presentation from 08 Spring DLC Meeting

Future of the FDLP: Transcript of Presentation on Strategic Planning
Transcript from 08 Spring DLC Meeting

Planning the FDLP of the Future: What Shape Will it Take?
Presentation from the Interagency Depository Seminar, 2008

A Strategic Vision for the 21st Century
GPO Publication, 2004

Knowledge Will Forever Govern
A vision statement for Federal depository libraries prepared by the Depository Library Council. September 29, 2004

Value Proposition for the FDLP
This document highlights the many benefits afforded to libraries that serve as Federal depositories. This Value Proposition is an important tool in helping libraries to articulate the value that comes with depository designation. November 2009

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The FDLP LibGuides Coronavirus Community page has been expanded to include freely accessible Government and non-government information on Coronavirus and related topics such as social distancing, things to do while quarantined, and telecommuting. Take a look, and feel free to submit guides that you have created.


May is National Preservation Month. Learn more about the nation’s historic places with these resources from the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications:


Library Call to Action


Rick Mikulski (Portland State University) was elected to serve as Depository Library Council Secretary. His one-year term begins June 1, 2020. Congratulations Rick!


May 15 is National Endangered Species Day. Learn more about the Endangered Species Act with these resources from the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications:

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covid19 subject heading

The subject heading “COVID-19 (Disease),” proposed by GPO’s very own Jen Lindley, is now an approved and official Library of Congress Subject Heading.


The Law Library of Congress thanks GPO for its collaborative work in cataloging historical legal reports: “Thanks so much for finishing the Batch 1 reports—I’ve downloaded them from OCLC, merged them with our records in Voyager, and they are now viewable in our digital collection—which now has great things like subjects and name facets thanks to GPO! Great work.” View the 241 records by publication date in descending order.


FDLP libraries are certain to receive questions about the 2020 Census from nationwide patrons. GPO has compiled some excellent sources of information to help.

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