Survey to Identify Essential Titles for Public Use in Paper or Other Tangible Format

GPO surveyed the Federal depository community for potential additions to the Essential Titles for Public Use in Paper Format between August 29 and October 10, 2003. To respond to this survey, depository libraries completed a Web form that allowed them to recommend up to three titles for potential addition to the Essential Titles list. Libraries were allowed to submit the form multiple times, thereby submitting as many titles as they wished.

A total of 108 out of 1,270 Federal depositories responded to that survey, a response rate of 8.5%. A number of the titles recommended were already on the Essential Titles list, and these are annotated with "already Essential Title" in the "Notes" column. A number of titles were added to the Essential Titles list prior to the 2005 survey, and these have been annotated with "added to Essential Titles" in the "Notes" column. A number of the titles recommended have been discontinued by the publishing agency or are no longer produced in paper. These have been annotated in the “Notes” column as well.

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