COVID-19 Update for Claims: Use These Temporary Measures Until Further Notice

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal 60-day period for claims is suspended.
  • Claims may only be made for material on regular shipping lists 2020-0250-P and after.
  • Only file a claim for missing or damaged material found on shipping lists in boxes that your library has received. Do not file claims for material on shipping lists not in your boxes.
  • To submit a claim for paper/separates, microfiche, or maps, log in to askGPO and click on Claims Request Form from the top menu. If you do not see Claims Request Form, click on More.
  • If you need help with a login for askGPO, contact Federal Depository Support Services at [email protected] or 202-512-1119.

At this time FDLP libraries should submit all claims through askGPO. Log in to askGPO and from the top menu, click on Claims Request Form. If you do not see Claims Request Form, click on More.

The designated library coordinator can request an askGPO account for additional staff members by logging in to askGPO and clicking on “Request Login” from the top menu.

The webcast Submitting FDLP Claims explains the claims process and demonstrates how to submit a claim through askGPO.

Claims for depository materials from GPO-issued shipping lists must be made within 60 days of the date of the shipping list. Only claim documents in your selection profile that you did not receive.

  • Microfiche claims must be made through the appropriate microfiche contractor.
  • USGS map claims must be sent to USGS.
  • Check the Claims Copies Exhausted list for a list items that can no longer be claimed against surplus stock.

Claims can be submitted from one shipping list at a time. Only five items can be claimed in one submission. If all of the documents on a shipping list need to be claimed, check the "Claim Entire Shipping List" box. Read more...