Subject Cataloging: Special Topics, Materials, Subdivisions, Etc.

Environmental Impact Statements

Environmental impact statements and related publications should include subject headings which focus on the environmental aspects of a specific topic or topics.  The headings "Environmental impact statements" and "Environmental impact analysis" should only be used for works that discuss the methodology of the preparation of environmental impact statements.

Legal Topics

Publications which discuss proposed legislation or existing laws should include legal subject headings. These headings include subdivisions such as "Law and legislation" or "Legal status, laws, etc."They also include headings that are inherently legal, such as "Torts", "Criminals", and "Human rights." If a publication discusses a specific law, the established title for the law may be included as a subject entry.

If a publication discusses the implementation of a specific law or laws (i.e. the process by which a government agency insures that a law is enforced), a subject or subdivision that reflects government policy should be included, rather than legal headings. These headings include such headings as "Medical policy", "Forest policy,"and the subdivision "Government policy". If a publication discusses implementation of a specific law, the established title for the law may be included as a subject entry.

Legal subject headings may usually be subdivided geographically. If a work discusses the legal aspects of a topic in a specific place, the legal subject heading should be subdivided by the place, even if the law or laws discussed are enacted by a larger jurisdiction (i.e. a Federal law that that is enforced in a specific region, state, or city).


The subdivision "Research" is used under subjects for works that discuss the proposals, finance, goals, etc., of research on those subjects. It is not used under corporate body names for discussions of research conducted by those corporate bodies. However, the subdivision "Research" may be entered under a corporate body for works that discuss research about the body, such as history, organization, etc.