Name Authorities: RDA, Places

Use this section in conjunction with the following sources:

  • RDA and LC-PCC PS: 16 (GPO follows all LC-PCC PSs)
  • RDA and LC-PCC PS: 11, as applicable (GPO follows all LCC-PCC PSs)
  • MARC 21 Format for Authority Data: relevant fields
  • DCM Z1: relevant fields (Always consult and follow, unless instructed otherwise)

If appropriate, you may apply RDA chapter 11 elements and their corresponding MARC 046 and 3XX fields, which record various attributes of corporate names.

For field specific data, utilize as appropriate, the following examples of name authority records for places:

151    Milan (N.H. : Town), no2010163305

151     Newtok (Alaska), no2003086238

151    Loup City (Neb.), no2006036108

151    Parkdale (Ark.), no2006028722

151    Carolina (P.R. : Municipio), no2002056100

151    Düzce (Bolu İli, Turkey), no2002034824

151    Mormon Lake Ranger District (Ariz.), no2004124410

151    Jasper County Soil and Water Conservation District (Mo.), no2005002653

151    Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District (Colo.), no2013059771

151    Gary Sanitary District (Ind.), no2013070165

043 - Geographic Area Code

Always include.

451 - See From Tracing 

When adding a qualifier to a variant access point, generally add the same qualifier in the 151.

151  Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District (Colo.)

451  LAVWCD (Colo.)

670 - Source Data Found

For American Indian tribes of the United States, follow the guidance in Name Authorities, Policy Overview. In addition, when citing a source for a tribe, always use the "Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible To Receive Services From the Bureau of Indian Affairs". Cite this as BIA Indian Entities.

781 - Subdivision Linking Entry-Geographic Subdivision

Always include.