Name Authorities: AACR2, Personal Names

Use this section in conjunction with the following sources:

100 – Authorized Access Point

ǂq – Fuller Form of Name

Authority records that are coded AACR2 may follow different instructions than RDA for including the fuller form of name. "Unless otherwise changing an existing heading (e.g., conflict), do not change an existing AACR2 or RDA heading merely to add or remove a fuller form of name." (LC-PCC PS If changing an existing 100 field in an authority record, the record must be re-coded to RDA, and RDA and especially, LC-PCC PS, must be followed.

400 – See From Tracing-Personal Name

For a former authorized access point: See the "FAQ on creating Personal Name Authority Records (NARs) for NACO" on the NACO Web site, question 13: "When should an AACR2 established (1XX) form be included as a variant access point (4XX) when the AACR2 NAR is evaluated and re-coded to RDA? ... Make a see reference for the old valid form of heading, with ǂw nnea, unless the reference itself is a valid RDA variant access point, in which case use ǂw nne. In case of doubt, use ǂw nnea." Be sure to apply the rules of NACO Normalization.

678 – Biographical or Historical Data (RDA 9.17)

Optional: may be included if biographical data is readily available and does not require significant time to construct. The first indicator will usually be coded "blank," since a biographical sketch is usually too time-consuming to construct. No source needs to be cited for the 678 field.