Name Authorities: AACR2, Corporate Bodies

Use this section in conjunction with the following sources:

  • AACR2, chapters 24, 26
  • LCRIs, chapters 24, 26 (GPO followed all LCRIs)

As stated in Name Authorities, AACR2, General Policies, GPO policy essentially precludes the application of AACR2 and LCRIs to all name authority work, with the exception of treaties.  

Auth status - 008/33

c - Provisional level is used at GPO for foreign languages where no expertise exists, and for a heading in which there is insufficient information to complete the record. 

110 - Corporate Name

For the name of a program or project that has not been established, if it does not appear in a formal statement of responsibility or appears alone isolated from textual materials, and there is no evidence in the sources that it is a corporate body, no attempt is made to establish it in the LC/NACO authority file. Organizations that are incorporated or provided for by law or administrative directive that include the words program or project in their names are clearly corporate bodies. Temporary teams that are informally formed within an established organization to perform a special assignment are clearly not corporate bodies.  – This policy was superseded by LCRI 24.1A

Land and water areas include government controlled or owned areas, such as national, state, and local forests, monuments, parks, seashores, etc. They may be established as corporate bodies in the LC/NACO name authority file or used as a main or added entry if there is acceptable evidence that the organization administrating an area has the same name as the area administered. Required evidence is their appearance in explicit statements of responsibility, e.g., prepared by ... National Forest. Federal agencies that administer or manage national forests, etc., may be established.  – This policy was superseded by LCRI 24.1A.

The essence of the above policy has been maintained—only the form and procedure have changed. Previously, these entities (forests, parks, preserves, etc.) were usually established in the LC/SACO file as subject authority records. If needed as author or issuing body (main or added entry) in a bibliographic record, they could be established in the LC Name Authority file instead of in the LC Subject Authority File. They could not be entered in both, only in one. The form of the name (geographic tag 151 and qualified by place) would be the same, whether in the Names or Subjects file. The new policy allows for two different entries, one in the Names file, and one in the Subjects file. The name in the LC/NACO file is tagged 110 for corporate body, and contains the addition (Agency) or (Agency : U.S.).

Forest Service ranger districts and other ranger districts may have been established in the LC/NACO authority file under the Forest Service or other appropriate higher administrative bodies, and tagged 110. Although corporate bodies, these are now established as geographic names in the LC/NACO file, and tagged 151.

GPO interprets LCRI 24.18, Type 2 as meaning that the word "Services" is treated the same way as the word "Service," i.e. both are considered subordinate terms.  

111 - Meeting Name

Conference authority records are not created for individual conference papers.  

410/411 - Variant Name

Variant forms of corporate/conference names appearing in publications cataloged after an authority record has been created are added to existing records.  

5XX - See Also From Tracings

Pre-existing 5XX references in AACR2 format (i.e., ǂw values without ǂi) do not need to be changed to RDA when updating or recoding the record. They are acceptable under PCC standards.

Example from an RDA record (Fixed Field/Rules = z, 040ǂe = rda):

110 1_ United States. ǂb Bureau of the Census

510 1_ United States. ǂb Census Office ǂw a

510 2_ U.S. Census Bureau ǂw b

ǂw: a = earlier heading, b = later heading

See: MARC 21 Format for Authority Records.  

670 - Source Data Found

Conventions have varied over the years. GPO required the General Material Designation GMD to be used for a period of time.

Common citations include:

670 Drinking water resources [ER] 2002: ǂb

670 Carroll's fed. dir., July/Aug. 1999 ǂb

670 U.S. gov't manual, 1999-2000 ǂb

670 Phone call to Interior Dept., 2/20/99 ǂb

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