Bibliographic Cataloging: General MARC Field Policy 490 – Series Statement Field

490 – Series Statement Field

Transcription and Tracing Decisions

GPO will transcribe, but not trace, series for the following situations:

  • Series of short duration (determined by other elements in bibliographic records and cataloger judgment, e.g., multiple analytics all of which were published in the same year, but none published thereafter, or few analytics that bear a series statement over an undefined interval).
  • Series not issued by a U.S. Federal government agency 
  • Series with indeterminate publication status (e.g., continued growth is uncertain) 
  • Series that have ceased.

For situations described above, GPO will transcribe a series statement in a 490 field with a 1st indicator coding of “0” for “series not traced.” Otherwise, GPO will continue to transcribe and trace series in 490/8XX fields, for which a 490 field is coded “1” (1st indicator) for “series traced.”

When in doubt, only transcribe the series statement (490 0_).

This GPO decision aligns with current Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) guidance that allows an option not to trace series in PCC records. This option supplants a former requirement to trace series in PCC records.

Series not traced  CGP 1003002

1001 United States. Defense Business Board, author. 
24510 Focusing a transition, challenges facing the new administration : a report. 
4900 DBB report ; FY16-5     → Series transcribed (only) because publication status of  
the series is yet indeterminate

Series traced  CGP 978462

1001 Benaka, Lee R., author. 
24510 Action plan for fish release mortality science. 
4901 NOAA technical memorandum NMFS-F/SPO ;  160    Series transcribed  
830 0 NOAA tech. memo. NMFS-F/SPO ; 160.    → Series traced because this is a long-running series supported by an underlying series authority record  

Alphanumeric Series-like Phrases

Alphanumeric phrases that qualify as a series are recorded in a series statement rather than in a report number field. In government documents, such phrases are typically numbered statements of the name, initialism, or part of the name of the government agency from which the series emanates. (See: Series Training for PCC Participants, Session 12: Series-Like Phrases, p. 4)

CGP 678631
490 1_ NOAA-TM-NMFS-SWFSC ; ǂv 359
830 _0 NOAA-TM-NMFS-SWFSC ; ǂv 359.
[No MARC 088 field for Report Number]

ISSN and Series/Subseries

Transcribe the ISSN of a series/subseries in 490 ǂx when it appears on the resource, but do not record it in the 8XX field.

When adapting OCLC master records, retain ISSNs in both the 490 and 8XX fields, but remove the ISSN from the 8XX field before exporting to the CGP.  

490 1_ Area handbook series, ǂx 1057-5294

830 _0 Area handbook series.

Series Numbering as Transcribed Data

Transcribe series numbering in subfield 490 ǂv. Do not impose GPO spacing conventions that are used for SuDoc classification (086) on series numbers transcribed in 490.

Editions with Identical Series Numbering 

Occasionally, an agency publisher re-assigns an identical series volume number to different analytics within the series. Apply the following section of Library of Congress Rule Instruction 1.6G, Numbering within Series: Editions with Identical Series Numbering, dated June 2006:

When a revised edition of an existing work or an edition of an existing work (e.g., translation) is issued by the same publisher in the same series, the publisher may assign a new series number or the original series number to the revision, translation, etc. In the latter case, proceed as if no duplication of numbering exists.

Original work: CGP 816589
086 A 13.88:SRS-137
245 Early forestry research in the South
260 … ǂc [2011]
4901 General technical report SRS ; ǂv 137
830 0General technical report SRS ; ǂv 137.

Revised expression of the work: CGP 1003450
086 A 13.88:SRS-137/2016
245 Early forestry research in the South
250 Slightly revised, redesigned, and reprinted September 2016.
264 … ǂc September 2016.
4901 General technical report SRS ; ǂv 137
830 0General technical report SRS ; ǂv 137.  

Additionally, it is appropriate to update the Series Authority Record (SAR) with a Series Numbering Peculiarities Note (MARC 641), e.g.:

130 General technical report SRS 
641 Some issues with repeated numbering (e.g., 137).