FDLP Basic Collection Updates

  • Last Updated: December 31, 1969
  • Published: April 06, 2011

Publications included in the Basic Collection are vital sources of information that support the public's right to know about the workings and essential activities of the Federal Government. The list of titles constituting the Basic Collection was first developed in 1977 to identify the most basic Federal publications for inclusion in all depository collections. This list has been periodically updated since then.

The following changes were recently made to the FDLP Basic Collection:

  • The resource Federal Digital System (FDsys) replaced GPO Access
  • Hyperlinks to the publications now officially on FDsys replaced links previously made to GPO Access
  • Compilation of Presidential Documents now points to the FDsys collection containing the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents and its predecessor, the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
  • STAT-USA has been removed as the agency closed

Additional changes to U.S. Census Bureau publications are anticipated and will be made and shared when confirmed.

Every depository library is required to have the titles in the Basic Collection accessible for immediate use by your users. How this is accomplished is a local decision; however, merely linking to the Federal Digital System or the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications does not provide sufficient access to the individual titles. One way to provide access to titles in the Basic Collection is to catalog individual titles. Many Basic Collection titles already have separate bibliographic records representing each available format. See the direction at the Basic Collection Web page for other ways direct access to each title may be provided.