Meet GPO’s Newest Preservation Stewards: North Dakota State University Libraries, The University of Virginia Library, Arkansas State University-Jonesboro, and the University of Kansas Libraries

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) is excited to introduce four new Preservation Stewards:

  • The North Dakota State University Libraries
  • The University of Virginia Library
  • Arkansas State University-Jonesboro
  • The University of Kansas Libraries

North Dakota State University Libraries is serving as a Preservation Steward for its collection of the Public Papers of the President. This series is a valuable resource for the students and faculty of the university, and the university understands the importance of participating in GPO’s preservation programs, according to Susanne Caro, Government Information Librarian. Susanne also said the library was “pleased to find that there will be very little change to our workflow, and that becoming a Preservation Steward is a simple, straight forward process.”

The University of Virginia Library (UVA) is serving as Preservation Steward for publications from the Department of State. Serving as a Preservation Steward for this material was a natural fit for UVA since the library is also an Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) Center of Excellence for the Department of State. Barbie Selby, the Regional Librarian and Director of Information Services & Spaces, noted the Department of State material is an important collection for UVA, and the university wants it to be a resource for the entire country.

Arkansas State University-Jonesboro is serving as Preservation Steward for publications in the NASA Technical Reports series dating from 1959-1963. This collection was a great fit for the university because the Physics Department was also working with NASA on weather balloons in conjunction with last year’s eclipse. Since this is an older collection, it offers a great look into how space exploration started in the United States. Dominique Hallett, Government Documents Librarian, notes that some of the technical reports even show the original math.

Hallett explained that one of the reasons she wanted her library to become a Preservation Steward was Karen Russ. “Her library was the first in Arkansas to become one,” Hallett said. “She spoke so passionately about that, I decided I would love to see every depository in Arkansas become a Steward. I spoke to my supervisor and director, and they loved the idea. I hope to encourage others in Arkansas to become Stewards as well.”

The library also found the process of becoming a Preservation Steward to be easy. Library management, including the director, was very supportive and understood the importance of the Preservation Steward program. Hallett recommends that any “depository that can please consider preserving even a small collection. All Government information is important, no matter the agency or age.” She is also happy to talk with anyone considering becoming a Preservation Steward.

The University of Kansas Libraries is serving as a Preservation Steward for their collection of Congressional hearings. In order to accommodate the Preservation Steward collection, the libraries have implemented two new procedures. All Government publications that circulate on the first floor of the Anschutz Library, regardless of where they are housed, are having their condition assessed. Additionally, a report to track all Government publications that circulate was created.

GPO thanks these libraries for taking on the important role of Preservation Steward. Consider joining these libraries and serving as a Preservation Steward for part or all of your depository collection. Learn more, and contact our partnership team with questions.

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