Meet GPO’s Newest Preservation Stewards: the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the University of Florida, and the Connecticut State Library

GPO is excited to introduce three new Preservation Stewards, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the University of Florida, and the Connecticut State Library.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Ottenheimer Library is the first selective Federal depository library to become a Preservation Steward. The Ottenheimer Library is serving as Steward for the Handbook of North American Indians. With 15 volumes currently published by the Smithsonian Institute, the Handbook is an encyclopedia of the language, culture, and history of the native people of North America. When additional volumes are published, the library will take on stewardship of those volumes as well.

Karen Russ, Research and Community Engagement Librarian, says becoming a Preservation Steward for the Handbook of North American Indians was “an obvious choice for our library.” Several university classes on native culture regularly make use of library resources. The library is also home to the Sequoyah National Research Center, which "constitutes the largest assemblage of Native American expression in the world.” Karen hopes that Ottenheimer Library’s participation will encourage other selectives to become Preservation Stewards “by showing that just a small series of books is as important as multi-decade collection of hearings or Serial Set volumes.”

The George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida has agreed to preserve all Federal publications in its Centers of Excellence collections under the Collaborative Federal Depository Library Program of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) and all other Federal publications in the Florida Academic Repository (FLARE) for which there is a digital copy in govinfo. With such a large Preservation Steward collection, the Smathers Libraries will initially focus on hearings from the House of Representatives. The library is comparing their House hearings collection with a list of hearings available on govinfo provided by GPO.

The Connecticut State Library is preserving a collection of publications focused on its region, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

"Now more than ever, it is important to retain original sources, such as Federal documents, to ensure an accurate historical record," State Librarian Kendall Wiggin said. "Signing this agreement fits with the State Library's goal of preserving the past to inform the future."

The Rhode Island publications total 63 titles and date from 1915 through the 1960s. A few examples of the interesting titles in the collection include:

  • Women in Rhode Island industries, study of hours, wages, and working conditions. (1922)
  • Unemployment insurance. New England States, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut [compiled by Economics and Cooperative Marketing Section, Division of Commercial Fisheries]. (1945)
  • Legal status of women in United States, Jan. 1, 1948: Report for Rhode Island. (1949)

The Connecticut publications total 213 titles and date from the 1890s through the 1970s. A few examples of the interesting titles in this collection include:

  • Children before courts in Connecticut; by Wm. B. Bailey. (1918)
  • Mercurialism and its control in felt-hat industry [with annotated bibliography]. (1941)
  • Tobacco. Production of cigar-wrapper tobacco under shade in Connecticut Valley. (1908)

Kris Arby, the regional Depository Coordinator, said one of the unanticipated benefits of the inventory process is that the library was able to create a list of Connecticut and Rhode Island items that were missing from the collection. The library will be submitting that list to upcoming FDLP eXchange.

GPO thanks the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the University of Florida, and the Connecticut State Library for taking on the important role of Preservation Steward. These three libraries are examples that Preservation Steward collections can be small or large, and focus on a single title or a subject area. Consider joining these libraries and serving as a Preservation Steward for part or all of your depository collection.

View GPO’s frequently asked questions on Preservation Stewards, and contact our partnership team for more information.

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